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Cybernetics And Systems Analysis
International Theoretical Science Journal
Volume 48 >>> № 4 NOVEMBER — DECEMBER 2012


1. An approach to estimating the complexity of probabilistic procedures for the postoptimality analysis of discrete optimization problems [in Russian] PDF
Mikhailyuk V.A. 3–10
2. Mathematical models of battle of parties for electorate or companies for markets [in Russian] PDF
Ostapenko V.V., Ostapenko О.S., Belyaeva E.N., Stupnitskaya Y.V. 11–19
3. Analysis of like elements of a CN-network during componential modeling and analysis of a complex system with parallelism [in Russian] PDF
Lukyanova E.A., Dereza A.V. 20–29
4. Solving a conditional problem of optimization of a linear-fractional objective function on arrangements by the branch and bound method [in Russian] PDF
Sergienko I.V., Iemets O.A., Chernenko O.A. 30–35


5. Mathematical modeling of interactions of non-oriented convex polytopes [in Russian] PDF
Stoyan Y.G., Chugay A.M. 36–44
6. Continuity with respect to parameters of stochastic differential-functional equations with Poisson disturbance [in Russian] PDF
Yasinsky V.K., Malyk I.V. 45–61
7. Numerical modeling of the dynamic of a convective diffusion process that is locally non-equilibrium in time [in Russian] PDF
Bulavatsky V.М. 62–71
8. A combinatory problem in the class of binary vectors of given weight [in Russian] PDF
Levitskaya A.A. 72–75
9. Control of the solution of stochastic differential equations on a plane with additive fractional Brownian motion [in Russian] PDF
Deriyeva O.M., Gerasimenko S.O. 76–84
10. Decision making problems with money income (loss) based on the combination of the principles of guaranteed and best results [in Russian] PDF
Mikhalevich V.M. 85–95
11. Generation of combinatorial sets with prescribed characteristics [in Russian] PDF
Grebennik I.V., Lytvynenko O.S. 96–105
12. A limit theorem for multi-channel networks in heavy traffic [in Russian] PDF
Livinskaya A.V., Lebedev E.A. 106–113
13. Analytical solution for the optimal distribution of external resources between the subsystems of a developing two-product system [in Russian] PDF
// Girlin S.K., Bilunas A.V. 114–121
14. Market of bets: analysis of arbitral situations [in Russian] PDF
Kotlyar V.Yu., Smyrnova O.V. 122–133
15. Finding the extreme ellipsoid contained in the sum of two ellipsoids [in Russian] PDF
Sholokhov O.V. 134–140
16. Prediction-based approach to determining measuring-equipment reliability [in Russian] PDF
Sakhnyuk I.O. 140–143


17. Trapezoid method for solving systems of linear inequalities and its implementation in insertion modeling [in Russian] PDF
Lvov M.S., Peschanenko V.S. 144–156


18. Domain-key scheme of relational database [in Russian] PDF
Panchenko B.Е. 157–172
19. Asymptotic properties of estimations of unknown parameters of almost periodic functions in the presence of Gaussian noise [in Russian] PDF
Bilа G.D. 173–183
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