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UDC 004.8

The evolution of the structure of science object

The author considers the disciplinary structure, the structure of organizational science management, the hierarchy of the reality structure, the evolution of nature and its components. The essence of the nature evolution process logic is shown to be continuous creativity and selecting more and more new structures of the reality hierarchy in the context of direct and reverse interlevel transmission of creativity results as well as inflow of substance, energy and/or information from the outside. Obviously, it is the very logic that would have to constitute the base of the evolution of progressive intelligent systems and informational support of scientific research would be adequate to the structure of the hierarchy of reality. Figs: 4. Refs: 33 titles.


disciplinary structure of science, transdisciplinarity, global evolutionism, hierarchy of the structure of the world, evolution of information, functioning of knowledge and problems in society.


About author(s):

Кургаев Александр Филиппович, доктор техн. наук, профессор, ведущий научный сотрудник Института кибернетики им. В.М. Глушкова НАН Украины,

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