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A method for automatic construction of ontological knowledge bases. II. Automatic extraction of semantic relations in the ontological network

The paper represents the semantic-syntactic model of natural language. After factorization of constructed tensors, the system generates vectors of semantic-syntactic valence of words. They describe the commutative behavior of words in a sentence. A method is developed to calculate vectors of semantic-syntactic valence for ontology concepts that are implicit description of their semantic relations. An algorithm is presented for extraction of explicit semantic relationships between concepts of ontology on the basis of their semantic-syntactic valence vectors. Tabl.: 1. Refs: 7 titles.


automatic knowledge extraction, corpus linguistics, ontology, nonnegative tensor factorization.


About author(s):

Марченко Александр Александрович, доктор физ.-мат. наук, доцент Киевского национального университета имени Тараса Шевченко,

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