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UDC 517.9:519.6

Investigation of wave processes in inhomogeneous domains with non-ideal contact

The problem of numerical modeling and optimization of wave processes in inhomogeneous domains with conditions of non-ideal contact on the basis of parabolic wave equation of Schrdinger type is considered. The optimality criterion is formulated. The differential properties of the optimization problem are investigated. A numerical method for modelling and optimization of acoustic fields in inhomogeneous domains is proposed. Refs: 19 titles.


acoustic field, Schrödinger equation, extremum problem, difference scheme, stability.


About author(s):

Гладкий Анатолий Васильевич, доктор физ.-мат. наук, профессор, заведующий отделом Института кибернетики им. В.М. Глушкова НАН Украины, Киев,

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