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Fuzzy-interval method of choosing alternatives during collective expert evaluation

The authors consider the problem of determining the values of collective expert evaluation of alternative decisions on the basis of models whose structure is described by fragments of the Kolmogorov–Gabor polynomial. The approach is proposed that allows us to formalize the uncertainly of the definition of model parameters of multifactor evaluation based on fuzzy intervals; to define collective fuzzy estimates of alternatives and use them to range the alternatives in accordance with the decomposition of fuzzy intervals at the α-levels. Figs: 3. Tabl.: 2. Refs: 11 titles.


collective expert estimate, utility function, multifactor estimate of an alternative, Kolmogorov–Gabor polynomial, ranking of fuzzy intervals.


About author(s):

Овезгельдыев Ата Оразгельдыевич, доктор техн. наук, профессор, заведующий кафедрой Житомирского государственного технологического университета,

Петров Константин Эдуардович, доктор техн. наук, профессор Харьковского национального университета внутренних дел,

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