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The speed-effective algorithms of transmitting and receiving high-informative packets in a radio network

The paper analyzes the features of transmission and reception of noise-like information packages with a variable base in a wireless channel. The authors propose high-speed algorithms to transmit and receive highly informative packages that take into account channel distortion of noise-like signal components of package sequences. The basis of the packages is formed by the code sequences transmitted in the form of adaptive noise-like signals. Figs: 2. Refs: 14 titles.


noise-like signal, code-signal sequence, packet data transmission in radio networks, high-speed algorithm for transmitting and receiving noise-like code-signal sequences.


About author(s):

Шевчук Богдан Михайлович, кандидат техн. наук, старший научный сотрудник Института кибернетики им. В.М. Глушкова НАН Украины, Киев,

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