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Cybernetics And Systems Analysis
International Theoretical Science Journal
Volume 48 >>> N 3 MAY — JUNE 2012


1. Asynchronous trace-matching automata [in Russian] PDF
Shahbazyan K.V., Shoukourian Yu.H. 3–11
2. Мathematical modeling of distance constrains for two-dimensional objects [in Russian] PDF
Stoyan Yu.G., Pankratov A.V., Romanova T.E. 12–17
3. Threshold of the approximation ratio for reoptimization of the maximum number of satisfied equations in linear systems over a finite field [in Russian] PDF
Mikhailyuk V.A. 18–34
4. Measure of transition in the state of a collective of interacting stateless automata in discrete environment [in Russian] PDF
Kurganskyy О.N. 35–44
5. Associative version of the ramalingam algorithm for dynamic update of the shortest-path subgraph after insertion of a new edge to the graph [in Russian] PDF
Nepomniaschaya A.S. 45–57


6. Recognition of gene fragments in DNA using Markov models with hidden variables [in Russian] PDF
Sergienko I.V., Gupal A.M., Ostrovsky A.V. 58–67
7. Stability radius for a vector investment problem with Savage’s minimax risk criteria [in Russian] PDF
Emelichev V.A., Korotkov V.V. 68–77
8. Lakatos-type queuing systems, their generalization and application [in Russian] PDF
Koba Е.V., Pustova S.V. 78–90
9. Optimal control of a concentrated system on the class of piecewise constant functions under uncertainty in the parameters and initial conditions [in Russian] PDF
Aida-zade K.R., Rahimov A.B. 91–100
10. Formalization of agent-oriented systems [in Russian] PDF
Gorokhovskyi S.S., Glybovets A.N., Popov O.А. 101–110
11. Dynamics of solutions of a class of second-order autonomous evolution inclusions [in Russian] PDF
Zadoianchuk N.V., Kasyanov P.O. 111–126
12. Mean square stability of solutions of autonomous dynamical diffusion systems with finite after-effect with random factors [in Russian] PDF
Yasinskiy V.K., Bodryck N.P. 127–141
13. Pontryagin maximum principle type necessary condition in the identification problem for a nonstationary equation of quasioptics [in Russian] PDF
Ibrahimov N.S. 142–154


14. Creation of identity-based digital signature schemes from bilinear maps [in Russian] PDF
Kulaga A.A. 155–162


15. Partitioning the exhaustive range of Boolean functions based on the threshold and threshold relation [in Russian] PDF
Opanasenko V.N., Kryvyi S.L. 163–173
16. Framework design of a domain-key scheme of a relational database [in Russian] PDF
Panchenko B.Е. 174–187
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