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Cybernetics And Systems Analysis
International Theoretical Science Journal
Volume 48 >>> № 4 JULY — AUGUST 2012


1. Design of reactive algorithms by solving equations over finite state machines [in Russian] PDF
Chebotarev A.N. 3–13
2. Algorithm of creating a digital signature with error detection and correction [in Russian] PDF
Biyashev R.G., Nyssanbayeva S.E. 14–23
3. Universal Petri net [in Russian] PDF
Zaitsev D.A. 24–39


4. Resolving-functions method in the theory of conflict-controlled processes [in Russian] PDF
Chikrii A.A., Rappoport I.S. 40–64
5. Modeling intracellular processes using active charged particles [in Russian] PDF
Biletskyy B.O., Gupal A.M. 65–72
6. Mathematical modeling in the geoinformation problem of the dynamics of geomigration under space-time nonlocality [in Russian] PDF
Bulavatsky V.M., Krivonos Yu.G. 73–82
7. Solving a linear problem of Euclidean combinatorial optimization on arrangements with a constant sum of the elements [in Russian] PDF
Iemets O.O., Yemets O.О. 83–94
8. Blind digital signature calculation algorithms based on the Ukrainian national digital signature standard DSTU 4145-2002 and Russian digital signature standard GOST R 34.10-2001 [in Russian] PDF
Kochubinsky А.І., Fal’ О.М. 95–100
9. Solving the weighted MAXCUT problem by the global equilibrium search [in Russian] PDF
Shylo V.P., Shylo O.V., Roschyn V.А. 101–105
10. Forming a desired structure topology for a group of autonomous agents on the basis of local self-coordination [in Russian] PDF
Permyakov O.Y., Savchenko V.A., Varlamov I.D. 106–116
11. Chaotic dynamics in quadratic systems with singular linear part [in Russian] PDF
Belozyrov V.E., Volkova S.A. 116–125
12. On the existence and stability of periodic solutions in the absence of immunity in a pulse-based model of the Gompertz dynamics [in Russian] PDF
Martsenyuk V.P., Gvozdetska I.S. 126–131
13. Upper-bound estimates for classifiers based on dissimilarity function [in Russian] PDF
Rusyn B.P., Tayanov V.A., Lutsyk O.A. 132–141
14. Determining the stationary probabilities of an embedded markov chain in a retrial queuing system with a flow of demands of different types [in Russian] PDF
Dyshliuk O.N., Koba E.V. 142–145


15. Aspects of the organization of computations using the basis-matrix method [in Russian] PDF
Bogaienko V.O., Kudin V.I., Skopetsky V.V. 146–155
16. Mathematical modeling of geometric fractals with the use of R-functions [in Russian] PDF
Maksymenko-Sheyko R.V., Sheyko T.I. 155–162


17. Randomized method for solving discrete ill-posed problems [in Russian] PDF
Rachkovskij D.A., Revunova E.G. 163–181
18. Asymptotic properties of the empirical estimates of the parameters of Мarkov sequences [in Russian] PDF
Vovk L.B., Kasitska E.J., Samosonok A.S. 181–186
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