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Cybernetics And Systems Analysis
International Theoretical Science Journal
Volume 56 >>> № 3 MAY — JUNE 2020


1. Mixed encoding of collections of microoperations for microprogrammed automata [In Russian] PDF
A.A. Barkalov, L.A. Titarenko, A.V. Baiev, A.V. Matviienko 3–16


2. Problems of mathematical data interpretation. II. Distributed parameter systems [In Russian] PDF
V.F. Gubarev 17–29
3. Theory and methods of Euclidian combinatorial optimization: current state and prospects [In Russian] PDF
Yu.G. Stoyan, S.V. Yakovlev 30–46
4. Control synthesis for temperature maintaining process in a heat supply problem [In Russian] PDF
K.R. Aida-zade, V.M. Abdullayev 47–59
5. Asymptotic dissipativity for merged stochastic evolutionary systems with markov switchings and impulse perturbations under conditions of Levy aproximations [In Ukrainian] PDF
І.V. Sаmоilеnkо, А.V. Nіkіtіn, B.V. Dоvhаi 60–69
6. Integral operators that determine the solution of an iterated hyperbolic-type equation [In Ukrainian] PDF
I.M. Alexandrovich, O.S. Bondar, S.I. Lyashko, N.I. Lyashko, M.V.-S. Sydorov 70–79
7. Some boundary-value problems of fractional-differential mobile-immobile migration dynamics in a profile filtration flow [In Russian] PDF
V.M. Bulavatsky, V.O. Bohaienko 80–96
8. An approximate method of constructing a switching regression with unknown switching points [In Russian] PDF
A.S. Korkhin 97–110
9. On the peculiarities of establishing the Ukrainian economy [In Ukrainian] PDF
N.S. Gonchar, A.S. Zhokhin, W.H. Kozyrski 111–121
10. Multi-objective optimization at evolutionary search with binary choice relations [In Russian] PDF
V.F. Irodov, H.Ya. Chornomorets, R.V. Barsuk 122–128
11. Solutions of the combinatorial problem with a fractional-quadratic objective function
on the set of permutations
[In Russian]
L. Koliechkina, A. Nahirna 129–140
12. Existence and uniqueness of weighted pseudoinverse matrices with nonsingular indefinite weights [In Russian] PDF
N.A. Vareniuk, N.I. Tukalevska 141–151
13. Application of the buffered probability of exceedance in reliability optimization problems [In Russian] PDF
G.M. Zrazhevsky, A.N. Golodnikov, S.P. Uryasev, A.G. Zrazhevsky 152–162
14. Linear classifier and projection onto a polytope [In Russian] PDF
N.G. Zhurbenko 163–170
15. Super-exponential rate of convergence of the Cayley transform method for an abstract differential equation [In Ukrainian] PDF
N.V. Mayko 171–183


16. Chaotic architectures: a new trend in computers [In Ukrainian] PDF
A.V. Palagin, M.V. Semotiuk, S.V. Ustenko 184–193
17. Checking the randomness of bits location in local sections of the (0, 1)-sequence [In Russian] PDF
V. Masol, S. Popereshnyak 194–202
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