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Cybernetics And Systems Analysis
International Theoretical Science Journal
Volume 54>№ 1 JANUARY — FEBRUARY 2018


1. Trusted computing with addition machines. II [in Russian] PDF
A. V. Anisimov and A. K. Novokshonov 3–12
2. Affine automata and classical fractals [in Russian] PDF
I. K. Rystsov 13–23


3. New information operators in mathematical modeling (Review) [in Ukrainian] PDF
I. V. Sergienko and O. M. Lytvyn 24–34
4. Models of perishable queueing-inventory systems with server vacations [in Russian] PDF
V. S. Koroliuk, A. Z. Melikov, L. A. Ponomarenko, and A. M. Rustamov 35–50
5. Аbout convergence conditions for the empirical mean method of stochastic programming [in Russian] PDF
P. S. Knopov and V. I. Norkin 51–66
6. Finding a given number of solutions to a system of fuzzy constraints [in Russian] PDF
M. I. Schlesinger, B. Flach, and E. Vodolazskiy 67–83
7. Development of the prognosis graph method under incomplete and inaccurate experts assesments [in Russian] PDF
Yu. Ya. Samokhvalov 84–92
8. Non-asymptotic lower bounds for the data complexity of statistical attacks on symmetric cryptosystems [in Russian] PDF
A. N. Alekseychuk 93–104
9. Heuristic criterion for class recognition by spectral brightness [in Russian] PDF
A. I. Arkhipov, N. M. Glazunov, and A. V. Khyzhniak 105–110
10. Properties of combinatorial optimization problems over polyhedral-spherical sets [in Russian] PDF
S. V. Yakovlev and O. S. Pichugina 111–123
11. Zonal feedback control for a heating problem with delay in non-separated boundary conditions [in Russian] PDF
S. Z. Guliyev 124–136
12. Abstract interpolation by means of continued Thiele-type fractions [in Russian] PDF
V. L. Makarov and I. I. Demkiv 137–144
13. The weighted error estimate of the finite-difference scheme of the increased approximation order for the two-dimensional Poisson equation with allowance for the Dirichlet boundary condition [in Russian] PDF
N. V. Mayko 145–153
14. Methodical aspects of the substantiation of a staff of the armed forces of а state from the standpoint of prevented damage theory [in Ukrainian] PDF
V. M. Mozharovski and S. V. Hodz’ 154–167


15. Index structures for fast similarity search of real-valued vectors. I [in Russian] PDF
D. A. Rachkovskij 168–183
16. Mathematical models and methods of the analysis of computer networks for railway power supply control [in Ukrainian] PDF
O. I. Stasiuk and L. L. Goncharova 184–192


International Scientific Conference (VOV-XLIV), dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the V.M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine 193–194
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