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Cybernetics And Systems Analysis
International Theoretical Science Journal
Volume 54>№ 2 MARCH — APRIL 2018


1. Inequality constraints on correlations, structurally implied by cycle of linear dependencies [in Russian] PDF
O.S. Balabanov 3–16


2. Representing weighted pseudoinverse matrices with mixed weights in terms of other pseudoinverse matrices [in Russian] PDF
E.F. Galba, N.A. Vareniuk 17–25
3. Numerical simulation of fractional-differential filtration-consolidation dynamics within the framework of models with non-singular kernel [in Russian] PDF
V.M. Bulavatsky, V.O. Bohaienko 26–37
4. Asymptotic dіssipation for random processes with impulse perturbation in the Poisson approximation scheme [in Russian] PDF
I.V. Samoilenko, Y.M. Chabanyuk, A.V. Nikitin 38–44
5. Dynamic risk control in multidimensional Markov models PDF
O.A. Voina, A.O. Voyna 45–54
6. Combinatorial configurations in balance layout optimization problems [in Russian] PDF
I.V. Grebennik, А.А. Kovalenko, Т.Е. Romanova, I.А. Urniaieva, S.B. Shekhovtsov 55–67
7. Three-dimensional integral mathematical models of the dynamics of thick elastic plates [in Russian] PDF
V.А. Stoyan 68–77
8. On the continuous dependence of non-bankruptcy probability on payment distribution function in the classical risk model [in Russian] PDF
V.O. Boldyreva, G.M. Shevchenko 78–84
9. Optimal placement of multisensor system for threat detection [in Ukrainian] PDF
S.V. Pashko 85–94
10. Deflationary regulation of market equilibrium [in Russian] PDF
B.B. Dunaev, L.V. Kirilenko 95–108
11. Recurrence relations for multichannel queueing systems with second-order Erlangian service times [in Ukrainian] PDF
Yu.V. Zhernovyi, K.Yu. Zhernovyi 109–115
12. Stochastic m-point Cauchy problem of parabolic type with semidiffusion perturbations [in Russian] PDF
G.M. Perun, V.K. Yasinsky 116–122
13. A system approach to mathematical and computer modeling of geomigration processes by using FreeFem++ and parallelization of calculations [in Russian] PDF
V.A. Herus, N.V. Ivanchuk, P.M. Martyniuk 123–133
14. On (a, d)-distance antimagic and 1-vertex bimagic vertex labelings of certain types of graphs [in Ukrainian] PDF
М.F. Semeniuta 134–141


15. Approach to classification of network condition on the basis of statistical parameters for detection of anomalies in the information structure of the computing system [in Russian] PDF
I. Ruban, V. Martovytskyi, N. Lukova-Chuiko 142–150


16. Partitioning of a set of vectors with nonnegative integer coordinates by means of logical hardware [in Russian] PDF
S.L. Kryvyi, V.M. Opanasenko 151–161
17. Index structures for fast similarity search of real-valued vectors. II [in Russian] PDF
Rachkovskij D.A. 162–181
18. The method of operational data diagnosing represented in the residue number system [in Russian] PDF
V.A. Krasnobayev, S.A. Koshman 182–192
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