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Cybernetics And Systems Analysis
International Theoretical Science Journal
Volume 54>№ 3 MAY — JUNE 2018


1. Automata over finite T-quasigroups [in Russian] PDF
V.V. Skobelev, V.G. Skobelev 3–16
2. Optimal control of drug delivery from microneedles systems [in Russian] PDF
S.I. Lyashko, D.A. Klyushin, V.V. Onotskyi, N.I. Lyashko 17–26
3. Determination of the field of efficient application of a microprogrammed finite-state machine with datapath of transitions [in Russian] PDF
R.M. Babakov, A.A. Barkalov 27–37
4. Mathematical modeling of the effect of “splashing out” and optimization of management of banking and economic systems under globalization conditions [in Russian] PDF
V.V. Khilenko 38–50
5. On complete and quasi-complete two-criteria optimization problems on graphs [in Russian] PDF
V.A. Perepelitsa, E.V. Tereschenko 51–57
6. Invariant aircraft control under the influence of wind disturbances [in Russian] PDF
S.V. Pavlova, M.M. Komar 58–64


7. Methods for computing weighted pseudoinverse matrices and weighted normal pseudosolutions with singular weights [in Russian] PDF
E.F. Galba, I.V. Sergienko 65–93
8. Polyhedral coherent risk measures in the case of imprecise scenario estimates [in Russian] PDF
V.S. Kirilyuk 94–105
9. Development and application of the Cauchy–Poisson method to elastodynamics of layer [in Russian] PDF
I.T. Selezov 106–115
10. On constructing a switching regression with unknown switching points [in Russian] PDF
A.S. Korkhin 116–130
11. Method of mathematical modeling of tactical radio finding by adversary signal intelligence [in Ukrainian] PDF
I.Y. Svida, A.P. Volobuiev, D.A.Bukhal 131–140
12. A generalized interstripation of functions of two variables [in Russian] PDF
O.M. Lytvyn, O.O. Lytvyn, O.V. Slavik 141–150
13. Recurrence relations for two-channel queuing systems with Erlangian service times [in Russian] PDF
Yu.V. Zhernovyi 151–159
14. Nonlinear normalization of random evolution in the scheme of Levy approximation [in Ukrainian] PDF
O.A. Yarova 160–165


15. Simple high-order integer cosine transform for high-resolution video coding [in Russian] PDF
L.O. Hnativ 166–177


16. Method of structuring the Fourier discrete cosine transform in the modular arithmetic of the Haar–Krestenson theoretical-numerical basis [in Russian] PDF
Ya.M. Nykolaichuk, N.Ya. Vozna, B.B. Krulikovskyi, V.Ya. Pikh 178–188


17. Simulation of the problem of interaction of neurons taking into account the lagging of their interaction [in Russian] PDF
V.G. Pisarenko 189–192
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