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Cybernetics And Systems Analysis
International Theoretical Science Journal
Volume 56 >>> № 2 MARCH — APRIL 2020


1. Fuzzy probabilities of fuzzy events [In Ukrainian] PDF
O.I. Provotar, O.O. Provotar 3–13
2. Application of blockchain technologies to improve the quality of ACS of complex dynamic systems [In Russian] PDF
V.V. Khilenko 14–20
3. Algorithms for solutions inference based on unified logical control models [In Russian] PDF
A. Litvinenko 21–30


4. Optimization of UAV team routes at the availability of alternative and dynamic depots [In Ukrainian] PDF
V.P. Horbulin, L.F. Hulianytskyi, I.V. Sergienko 31–41
5. On the stochastic optimal control of a descriptor system [In Russian] PDF
L.A. Vlasenko, A.G. Rutkas, V.V. Semenets, A.A. Chikrii 42–52
6. Mathematic modelling of agricultural crop diversification in ukraine: scientific approaches and empirical results [In Ukrainian] PDF
O.M. Borodina, S.V. Kyryzyuk, O.V. Fraier, Y.M. Ermoliev, T.Y. Ermolieva,
P.S. Knopov, V.M. Gorbachuk
7. On Baxter type theorems for generalized random Gaussian processes with independent values [In Russian] PDF
S.M. Krasnitskiy, O.O. Kurchenko 66–74
8. Tournament crowding genetic algorithms based on Gauss mutation [In Ukrainian] PDF
V.P. Shylo, M.M. Glybovets, N.M. Gulayeva, K.V. Nikishchikhina 75–88
9. Generalized gradients in dynamic optimization, optimal control, and machine learning problems [In Russian] PDF
V.I. Norkin 89–107
10. Multistage approach to solving the optimization packing problem for concave polyhedra [In Ukrainian] PDF
Y.G. Stoyan, A.M. Chugay 108–118
11. Optimal distribution of piercing by depth of a well under uncertainty [In Ukrainian] PDF
М.І. Gorbiychuk, О.Т. Lazoriv, Y.І. Zaiachuk 119–128
12. A method to solve the conditional optimization problem with a quadratic objective function on the set of permutations [In Russian] PDF
G.P. Donets, L.M. Koliechkina, A.M. Nahirna 129–140
13. Decision-making support system for solving multicriteria problems in the analysis of complex systems [In Ukrainian] PDF
M.M. Potomkin, O.V. Dublian, R.B. Khomchak 141–148
14. A method of preliminary forecasting of time series of financial data [In Russian] PDF
A.D. Shatashvili, I.Sh. Didmanidze, G.A. Kakhiani, T.А. Fomina 149–156
15. On the necessary and sufficient conditions of the stability in the mean square of the strong solutions of linear stochastic differential-difference partial derivative equations subject to external perturbations of the type of random variable [In Ukrainian] PDF
T.O. Lukashiv, I.V. Yurchenko, V.K. Yasynskyy 157–165
16. Vulnerability of complex network structures and systems [In Ukrainian] PDF
O.D. Polishchuk 166–176
17. Security estimates of a Ring-LWE symmetric cryptosystem against chosen
plaintext attack
[In Russian]
S.M. Ihnatenko 177–181


18. Substantiating the fundamental fitness of deep learnng neuron networks for construction of a system of for detecting traces of digital treatment of phonograms [In Russian] PDF
V.I. Solovyov, O.V. Rybalskiy, V.V. Zhuravel 182–188
19. Integer modified sine transforms. A construction method and separable directional adaptive transforms for intra prediction in image/video coding [In Ukrainian] PDF
L.O. Hnativ 189–202
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