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Cybernetics And Systems Analysis
International Theoretical Science Journal
Volume 54 >>> № 6 NOVEMBER — DECEMBER 2018


1. Block diagonal approach to the non-negative sparse linguistic extra large matrices and tensors factorization using the latent Dirichlet distribution [In Russian] PDF
A.V. Anisimov, O.O. Marchenko, E.M. Nasirov 3–10
2. Synergetic aspects of simulated technologies [In Russian] PDF
Yu.I. Dubrov 11–17
3. Solving the problems of dynamic variability of artificial intelligence systems
that control dynamic technical objects
[In Russian]
V.V. Khilenko, R. Strzelecki, I. Kotuliak 18–26
4. The algebraic properties of cores of generalized neurofunctions [In Ukrainian] PDF
F. Geche, O. Mulesa 27–36
5. New functionalities of the system for natural-language specifications processing
and its operating environment
[In Russian]
N.M. Mishchenko, M.K. Morokhovets, O.D. Felizhanko,
Y.V. Shtelik, N.N. Shchogoleva
6. An ultrafast cellular method of matrix multiplication [In Russian] PDF
L.D. Jelfimova 47–55


7. Markov models of systems with two types of customers and different replenishment policies [In Russian] PDF
A.Z. Melikov, L.A. Ponomarenko, I.A. Aliyev 56–74
8. Optimization models of anti-terrorist protection [In Russian] PDF
V.I. Norkin 75–88
9. Evaluating the substantiation of multicriteria decision-making [In Ukrainian] PDF
M.M. Potomkin 89–95
10. Inertial hybrid splitting methods for operator inclusion problems [In Russian] PDF
V.V. Semenov 96–104
11. Solving the biharmonic problem of a closed clamped plate by the Ritz method using explicit formulas for spline of the fifth degree [In Ukrainian] PDF
O.M. Lytvyn, O.O. Lytvyn, I.S. Tomanova 105–109
12. Reducing the resource of buildings because of regular impact of large-scale explosions [In Russian] PDF
I. Kaliukh, V. Dunin, Y. Berchun 110–118
13. The existence of Lyapunov–Krasovskii functionals for stochastic differential-functional Ito–Skorokhod equations under the condition of the solutions stability
on probability with finite aftereffect
[In Russian]
I.V. Yurchenko, V.K. Yasynskyy 119–133
14. A numerical method to solve identification problem for the lower сoefficient and the source in the convection–reaction equation [In Russian] PDF
Kh.M. Gamzaev, S.O. Huseynzade, G.G. Gasimov 134–140


15. Development of the IT infrastructure [In Russian] PDF
S.L. Kryvyy, S.D. Pogorilyy, M.M. Glybovets,
Y.V. Boyko, N. Sydorova
16. Algorithm and tools for constructing canonical forms of linear
semi-algebraic formulas
[In Russian]
M. Lvov, V. Peschanenko, O. Letychevskyi,
Y. Tarasich, A. Baiev
17. Parallel fuzzy inference method for higher-order Takagi–Sugeno systems [In Russian] PDF
S.V. Yershov, R.M. Ponomarenko 170–180
18. A software complex for solving the multi-criteria optimization problem with stochastic constraints [In Russian] PDF
L.M. Bohdanova, L.V. Vasilyeva,
D.E. Guzenko, V.M. Kolodyazhny


19. Asymptotic properties of the method of empirical estimate for non-stationary random fields [In Russian] PDF
D.A. Gololobov 189–192
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