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Cybernetics And Systems Analysis
International Theoretical Science Journal
Volume 55 >>> № 2 MARCH — APRIL 2019


1. Structural classification of the methods of synthesis of a microprogram finite-state machine with datapath of transitions [In Russian] PDF
R.M. Babakov, A.A. Barkalov 3–9
2. Upper bound on correlation sum for three indicators under absence of common factor [In Russian] PDF
O.S. Balabanov 10–21
3. Constructive-synthesizing representation of geometric fractals [In Russian] PDF
V.I. Shynkarenko 22–35
4. Video sequences clustering by the k-harmonic means [In Russian] PDF
S.V. Mashtalir, M.I. Stolbovyi, S.V. Yakovlev 36–43
5. Proof of theorems in fuzzy logic on the basis of structural resolution [In Russian] PDF
Yu.Ya. Samokhvalov 44–58


6. Problem of mathematical data interpretation.
I. Systems with lumped parameters
[In Russian]
V.F. Gubarev 59–72
7. An inverse problem for anomalous diffusіon with bi-ordinal Hilfer’s derivative [In Russian] PDF
V.M. Bulavatsky 73–81
8. Reliability-based design of human performance conditions using fuzzy perfection [In Russian] PDF
A. Rotshtein 82–95
9. Equilibrium in Wright–Fisher models of population genetics [In English] PDF
D. Koroliouk, V.S. Koroliuk 96–101
10. Linear algebra methods in problems of the analysis of certain classes of nonlinear discretely transformative systems.
II. Systems with additionally highlighted nonlinearity
[In Russian]
V.A. Stoyan 102–107
11. Double merging of the phase space for stochastic differential equations with small additions in Poisson approximating conditions [In Ukrainian] PDF
I.V. Samoilenko, A.V. Nikitin 108–116
12. Factorization in problems of control and dynamics of lengthy systems [In Russian] PDF
Yu.I. Kaliukh, A.Ye. Vusatiuk 117–128
13. Stroboscopic strategy in game dynamic problems with terminal pay off function and integral constraints on controls [In Russian] PDF
J.S. Rappoport 129–144
14. Application of the method of measuring the functional size on the example of the National Register of Ukraine [In Ukrainian] PDF
A.V. Hrechko, A.O. Melashchenko 145–154
15. Probabilistic approach in the problem of international competition of producers with random variables [In Ukrainian] PDF
K.V. Kosarevych, Ya.I. Yelejko 155–162
16. Representation of fragmentary structures by oriented graphs [In Ukrainian] PDF
O.V. Kryvtsun 163–170
17. Asymptotic behavior of extreme values of queue length in M/M/m systems [In Ukrainian] PDF
B.V. Dovhai, I.K. Matsak 171–179


18. Numerical methods to find stiffness properties of a bar cross-section [In Russian] PDF
O.S. Gorodetsky, M.S. Barabash, Y.B. Filonenko 180–187
19. Method and algorithm for obtaining elements of the tensor of spatial derivatives of the magnetic induction vector in the problem of magnetic anomalies search [In Russian] PDF
M.A. Primin, I.V. Nedayvoda 188–200
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